How Do You Get the News?

For someone like me who hates reading long news articles to stay updated with the world… Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter have allowed me to enjoy the news a little more. I have always thought that learning should be done in a fun way, because that’s personally how I retain information better and find it more intriguing when it’s relatable to my life. So how do these social networks do this? Let’s take a look.



Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has created a timeline/news feed to filter pictures, videos, and articles to your liking based on your connections and activity on Facebook. This is genius! As we all know, the most recent U.S. Presidential Election flooded the media like no other. However, Facebook made it a little more bearable to understand the series of events that went on and the responsibilities our new President is taking on.

2. Snapchat


The best thing Snapchat ever did was add the “Discover” tab for stories. It’s not only interactive, but you can find almost any topic your interested in, ranging from pop culture and celebrity gossip to new technology and CNN. These short excerpts get the point across very quickly so that it is easier to understand and process. The pictures and videos that are added in each story make it entertaining to read and puts the “face to a name” sort of thing.

3. Instagram


Lately, my Instagram feed has been full of Sponsored advertisements. Sometimes they’re relevant, but most times not. However, some of the people I follow use this platform as a way to express their political views, share their opinions on current or tragic world events, etc. I like this because as the expression goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” A picture really can have a lot of meaning and be open to interpretation, so a few words to caption it can do just as much justice as a news article. I am a visual person so that’s why Instagram is one of my favorite ways to receive the news.

4. Twitter


Ah, a 140 character statement can come a long way. There’s no room for extra and unneccessary details which I LOVE. Tweets are so easy to read and follow because you can spot out key words very quickly and use hashtags to find out more on a topic you’re interested in. Also, the trending tweets and explore page are incredibly useful and informative because links to a longer article can be provided or just a simple meme can explain everything you need to know about a specific subject or topic. Twitter is a phenomenal way to have a quick read and discover everything you need to know in’s great.

Social media is more than just a platform for entertainment…it’s a great outlet to find out the news both locally and around the world. A quick scroll through your feeds on the way to class or work allows is all you need.


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