Welcome to the New World: Blogging 101

Blogging is the new way of physically writing in your diary, except it’s public. There are so many different platforms to set up a blog for free, or you can pay for a domain name if you are using one for professional reasons. Before taking this class, I created a blog in my free time. The blog I created was about random things in my life, including relationships, travel, fun facts, and pictures, but my goal was to be an inspiration to others to learn from any mistakes that I’ve made or simply offer advice. The key to blogging is to sell an idea, otherwise no one will want to read it or click on your link.


There are so many benefits of having a blog such as having the freedom to discuss whatever you want and picking your audience, unlimited written and visual expression, and self-promotion in the business world. You never know who is going to come across one of your posts which is what makes each blog unique. Since you are the creator, designer, and publisher, you can generate your content in any way you desire! However, blogging is not easy. It is very time consuming and  needs to have a theme, be consistent, constantly updating,  always interesting, and offering something new. My favorite part about having a blog is that you work for yourself and no one can tell you what is right or wrong. You can write how much or little you want and on any topic you come up with and no one is there to judge. Also, blogging is all about self-motivation which I find incredible because there is no one to give great credit to other than yourself.


It amazes me how people come across certain blogs. Whether it’s through famous people, a friend, or just simply from clicking random links on the Internet, once you get deep into them, it’s hard to crawl out of the blogging hole. For me, they are always so fun to read because I am interested in reading what people have to say, how they come up with the ideas that they do, or how they started at the bottom and climbed to the top of the ladder in the business world. It is truly inspiring, even if the writer is not famous or a professional.


Blogging has the potential to land you your dream job or get noticed by someone you always dreamed of knowing your name. A CEO of a company could be searching for something on Google and your post could be filtered through the search and who knows, they might end up hiring you for a job you didn’t even know existed or thought you were suited for. Overall, blogging has a lot of advantages, but you have to be good at it to get noticed. Otherwise, doing it as a hobby is just as satisfying!


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