“La Vida No Espera”

Valenti Sanjuan is a worldwide, self-branded YouTuber who also gets sponsored by larger companies and who I had the fortune of hearing about his story and success. Becoming a self-brander is not an easy career, but Valenti loves what he does and gets to have fun while being paid. What could be better?

There are multiple lessons and advice I took away from listening to Valenti. First, I learned that motivation is key. He mentioned that you cannot always please everyone on the Internet, and some days he will post videos and receive negative feedback. Of course that can be discouraging but it only motivates him more to produce and create content that will be better the next time.

Second, Valenti said that the most important way to maintain motivation is to live like you’re going to die soon. His life is all about exploring and finding new adventures that if you do not take advantage of every opportunity given, you might regret or miss out on something that could change your life. As it says on his YouTube channel header, “La Vida No Espera” or “Life Does Not Wait.” Sometimes, the going gets tough as you can see when he participated in Ultraman. After throwing up multiple times and not being that great of a runner (as he mentioned), he can now look back on this experience with a smile on his face and be proud for what he accomplished. As they say, no pain no gain.

Third, I learned that nothing ever goes as planned. I asked Valenti what constant obstacles he runs into when creating and editing his videos, and he responded that unexpected problems come up all the time. For example, he might have come up with an incredible idea in his head that he had perfectly visualized and planned out, but when it came time to shoot and film, it just didn’t work out and he had to come up with something new. Personally, I think that is one of the most frustrating feelings because that is a problem I encounter throughout my life. I used to do filmmaking as a hobby and everytime I pictured something in my head as to how the shot should turn out, it never came out exactly the way I wanted to and I had to start all over.

Fourth and finally, I came to an understanding that you have to stay committed. If you are going to be the blogger that posts everyday, you have to be consistent and not let anything get in the way. Valenti and Pipo shared a story about how they were out with a group of friends having a good time, but Valenti had to leave to go shoot a video. Sometimes, work intereferes with play but having a drive like this shows true dedication.

During his lecture, I could hear the passion and happiness in his voice. It was so clear that Valenti  Sanjuan loves what he does, as he has been doing this for the past twenty years or so. It is so crucial to go down a career path that you love because it makes the idea of working so much better. I could tell that Valenti likes to have a good time and it is so cool that he gets to document his life’s challenges and experiences to a large audience and watch his view count get larger and larger. The main thing to take from all of this is that as long as  you have a purpose, story to tell, and the Internet, you can share anything you want the world to see.


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