Is a Corporate Blog Right for You?

Now a days, social media and blogs have become great outlets for businesses in regards to customer service, customer satisfaction, reputation, and recommendations. However, corporate blogs are not easy to maintain nor are they always successful.

In order to have an exceptional corporate blog, here are nine starter tips:

  1. Create your own URL and server.
  2. Multiple people invovled in the organization need to equally contribute.
  3. Create your content under the Creative Commons License.
  4. Always use images! The eye follows the blog easier with visuals supported by text.
  5. Organize your information. Divide it up into designated sections and categories.
  6. Be honest and unbiased. The truth will always come back around.
  7. Be direct when writing as well as informal.
  8. Give your blog personality and character. Just be yourself!
  9. Always keep it updated.

Not all businesses need a corporate blog, so it is important to decide whether it is appropriate or not to create one. If you don’t think your company would fit into any of these five corporate blog categories, then they might not be the right way to market your brand. Check it out:

  1. Brand blogs: This type of blog introduces new brands or continues to promote existing ones.
  2. Product or Service blogs: This type of blogs tests out a product or service where customers can interact and write feedback and give reviews. Also, this helps interested people to feel confident or not in their purchases.
  3. Employees blogs: This blog is the same as the general corporate blog where employers and employees can post about their company.
  4. Blogs for special happenings: Prepare and talk about something unique and special; something that will connect customers to your brand.
  5. Sector blogs: This blog promotes a specific product or market.

To serve as inspiration, Wistia is just one of many examples of a great and consistent corporate blog. Wistia is a blog that focuses on how to market your business, product, or service through the advantage of using videos as a number one marketing tip.

As mentioned above, having a visual makes a blog all the more easier to look at and follow along. In this specific blog, videos make it more entertaining and engaging for the readers and customers. A post on  how to Improve Your Support Tickets with Custom Videos, includes text and videos along with a very informal language to make the blog more personable and relatable to the reader.

Wistia is considered to be an employee blog because there are multiple people who post, it is organized, it has something to offer, it is very interactive, and most importantly updated. I think this corporate blog is succesful because after playing around on the website, I didn’t have any further questions because of how detailed and well spoken their information was. My favorite part about it was seeing the team behind the scenes and their gifs to go along with their job title and name. It is nice to not only give credit to those people but know who is working so hard to keep their customers happy and making it a trustworthy blog to follow and learn from.

Overall, it’s important to figure out if a corporate blog is right for what your company is trying to sell. They might not be easy, but if it is the right choice, they are worth it in the end to promote your business or offer something new.







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