La López

Ana López is one of two founders, of a digital agency offering creative solutions, La López. Before her great success, Ana studied journalism and cultural anthropology and worked for three years as a journalist. After multiple jobs, what gave her the jump start was studying communication and marketing which landed her at Estrella Damn just before finding her true niche at La López.

Being the first brewery in Catalonia, Estrella Damn is where Ana started as a brand manager. Since 2009, Estrella Damn has gotten their name out there by marketing through YouTube which increased their brand awareness by 225% and then in 2015 again by four million more viewers.

Ana was in charge of a team of more than 30 people both inside and outside the company when she discovered that she wanted to create and grow communities and search for content and smaller campaigns that could fit into more than just one social platform.

From there, La López was created along with El Cocinero Fiel. Together, they have a deep understanding of the Internet including experiences and knowledge. Basically, their company consults others and executes and supports the digital teams to further brand and expand other specific companies. La López works based on networks of all sizes and provides design, photography, illustration and creative direction for their clients. Some of the their clients include Caixabank, Gvtarra, Indeit, Warner, Nestle, LG, and Keenwood.

Learning about this creative agency was very intersting to me because soon I am going to have to start looking for a job when I graduate college and I am interested in applying for different positions at a digital creative agency. The biggest piece of advice that I learned from this presentation was that the content is key.

Ana López stated that it is important to match the interests of your brand with the interest of your target and to choose the platforms that will get your point across easily and words out clearly. I think this is a good piece of advice because I believe that one of the ways you can be successful is to be relatable and personable with your clients. When someone is trying to sell me something, I love when they are able to accomodate to my needs and wants which is exactly the goal of La López. That being said, by connecting the interests of the two, both the company and client will accomplish more because they were able to compromise on a platform that they both believe would spread the word and goal efficiently.

La López has also built their own cafe called “La López Café” where anyone can taste home made food while networking in a creative and cultured place. Of course, they also have a Twitter and Facebook page that you can check out to receive updates and recommendations, along with intriguing pictures and videos.

Overall, Ana López is an inspiration to me. It takes a little while to get your foot in the door, but once you do it is all uphill from there.


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